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M-Brace Orthodontics is a modern, welcoming orthodontics practice exclusively specialising in providing state-of-the-art orthodontic treatments. Every member of the team are committed to providing a friendly, professional and personalised service.
M-Brace-Gallery1BigThe M-Brace ethos, embodied in the practice logo, is to help create beautiful and stunning smiles for patients – children, adolescents and adults alike – helping them to ‘Embrace life with a beautiful smile’.

From start to finish, treatments are undertaken under the close supervision of a single, highly qualified specialist orthodontist. This assures the highest quality of service, continuity and efficiency and helps towards the aim of boosting personal esteem and confidence overall.

Orthodontic treatments can correct teeth mal-alignment (crooked teeth) and malocclusions (bad bites), thus improving the appearance of teeth and, importantly, improving the harmony of the mouth and jaws so that you can bite properly and eat more comfortably. Your smile will benefit greatly – helping boost self-esteem and confidence.


M-Brace-SGirlThe most common treatments on offer are:

  • Fixed Metal Braces
  • Removable Braces
  • Clear Cosmetic Braces
  • Self-ligating Braces
  • Lingual Braces
  • Invisalign Aligners

Payments & Finance:

Treatment approved under NHS for qualifiying patients is free-of-charge for under 18’s and NHS-exempt patients. For treatments on a private basis, we accept payment by cash, cheque and all major credit/debit cards.

Interest-free payment plans are also available for private treatments. These are payable by regular standing order. Please ask for details.

More information on treatments available at M-Brace

Photo of Fixed Metal Braces
Fixed Metal Braces : These are the standard and most common type of braces. Sometimes known as ‘Train Tracks’ are the most common used for children and also used by adults. Available free of charge under the NHS for qualifying patients (based on the index of Orthodontic Treatment (IOTN)) under 18 years of age & exempt adults and at a reduced cost under the NHS for qualifying adult patients.
Photo of removable braces
Removable Braces: Also a standard and very common type of braces. Removable for easy cleaning and worn with some “baby teeth’ present in the mouth.

‘Functional appliance’ is a removable brace that works on the upper and lower teeth at the same time.

Photo of clear fixed braces.
Clear Fixed Braces: Less visible on your teeth than metal braces since they are made from a transparent material. These are only available as a private treatment. These are an attractive alternative for many adults and older teenagers since they offer a more attractive aesthetic solution while getting great results.
Photo of Fixed Metal Braces
Self Ligating Braces : These are a more modern alternative to the traditional fixed metal braces as detailed above. New self-ligating technology means that the ligatures (elastic band that were used to hold the wire in the braces) are no longer required resulting in many major advantages. These are claimed to be more comfortable and, because the wires don’t need to be removed at each appointment, treatment times can be reduced.
Photo of removable braces
Lingual Appliances: A brace which is fitted behind your teeth making them invisible to others. Completely customised to the shape of your mouth. State of the art technology. A quick option for the straightening of your front teeth but can also be used for more complex cases.
Photo of clear fixed braces.
Aligners: Each aligner is individually manufactured for your teeth. The treatment programme consists of a series of almost invisible, removable aligners that are changed every couple of weeks for the next aligner. Each new aligner, little-by-little, week-by-week will gently move your teeth to the final position prescribed by the orthodontist. Comfortable and discreet, aligners can also be removed allowing you to eat and drink normally.

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