Live Kitchen is a system school cooks can use to help increase the uptake of school meals.

Live Kitchen is a cost effective way to modernise the catering services in all sizes of primary schools. As well as cashless payment options, they provide a range of features designed to increase the uptake of school meals.

Easy and quick to use Live Kitchen offers catering staff an invaluable tool to help them run their kitchens more efficiently in-house, with the optional extra services of health and safety specialists, staff trainers, a menu planning team and the ability to generate interest in the service through promotional materials.

Live Kitchen’s key feature is that it quickly pays for itself through staff efficiency, reduced waste and increased uptake of school meals. Providing many of the benefits of having a contract caterer without taking away the individual schools control over the service.

“Increasing the popularity of your school meals service means improving all aspects of your offering – the quality of the food, the meal price, the customer service, and convenience for parents. Live Kitchen can help you improve in all of these areas.”


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