Bathgate Partnership Centre, along with nine other key buildings at the heart of our communities across West Lothian (including Boghall Community Wing) now have free WiFi. West Lothian Council has worked in partnership with community centre management committees to provide free WiFi for local residents in council-owned locations such as partnership centres, community centres and libraries.

To sign in, local residents must first set-up a secure personal log-in using a new scheme called myaccount, which creates a single account which can be used to access a range of Scottish public services online. West Lothian is the first to pilot myaccount this way, working jointly with the Improvement Service. It’s easy to join myaccount and your log-in can then be used at any of the ten locations in West Lothian and across Scotland in the future.

To register for myaccount, please visit mygovscot login and follow the instructions to register. You will then be emailed with your sign-in details, and can log-in using the username and password provided at any of the locations above. You will be directed to the mygovscot website when you access the public WiFi at any of these designated centres for the first time.